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Salads, Salads, Salads!

When people ask me what i eat in a typical day, while staring at me and my 6ft3 frame.. they find it hard to believe i consume a hearty vitamin packed salad almost every day. There is this idea that … Continue reading

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Primal eating in Bali

Eating well on holiday isn’t easy. Even harder for Paleo or allergy dieters. Diet plans go out the door and in comes the junk. In this post i talk about a few rules to avoid this issue. Get back on … Continue reading

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Tamari Smoked Ribeye & Foil Vegetable Pouch

Ok so cooking a steak isn’t that hard for most people. But doing it this good!?.. with this kinda flavour and veggies so perfectly done!? Damn! You guys need to read this… So, what do i do with a steak … Continue reading

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