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“Plop on a plate”… with Maple Syrup

My sister in-law Annie nick-named this while she laughingly dished this up. It is actually ‘Chocolate Pudding’ in a cup for which she he showed me two recipes, one Paleo and the other Gluten Free. I have seen many posts … Continue reading

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Tamari Smoked Ribeye & Foil Vegetable Pouch

Ok so cooking a steak isn’t that hard for most people. But doing it this good!?.. with this kinda flavour and veggies so perfectly done!? Damn! You guys need to read this… So, what do i do with a steak … Continue reading

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Simple Chicken Chilli & Chorizo

This is fast, tasty, cheap and easy to make. Chicken mince with lots of tomatoes. More Paleo or Primal? Simply use some chili bacon bits instead of spicy chorizo. The recipe is very simple much like my Green Bean Bolognese. … Continue reading

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