Hunt your food down!

Are you bored with doing typical gym routines? Here is what my wife and i do for breakfast on our off days that breaks routines and cuts through some fat!

Crab Omelette with Pork Sausages

I speak to alot of people who cycle heavily with exercise and eating. Most of the time its because they stick to black and white plans on what to eat and how to exercise. Their thinking is quite often limiting and their conversation sometimes negative. They are often not able to see their choices and why they can’t change their position. I NEVER subscribe to this thinking.

Some of my friends think i am very driven. But the truth is that i struggle at times just like the next person – the difference is i don’t give in to the boredom of routine and i don’t stop. A break yes, stop no. I listen to my body (head included) and give myself time out. Sometimes it’s 2 days if necessary. Then i am back on the horse looking for inspiration. Most of time i get this inspiration from a simple walk – not any walk, an awesome one!

Ok so walking isn’t new, but here is how i do this to make it physically beneficial and mentally enlightening:

  • Drive to a nice location for walking where people are doing the same thing. A boardwalk, beach or park area with dogs – anywhere you know that makes you feel free from work, home or the things that might bother you.
  • Allow yourself the time and make it important! I know i operate better if i do this. A 2 hour break like this can mean everything to the next few productive days of work for me let alone my general state of mind.
  • The location must be 30 mins walk from your happiest destination. For me this is a Cafe in Mermaid Beach on the Gold Coast of Australia about 10km’s (6 miles) from home. The girls serving are always smiling, chatty and very relaxed. They are pleased to be where they are in life – seeing and hearing them this way makes me realize it is ok to stop for a few hours and contemplate life.
  • Park in a sheltered spot and dress up or down accordingly to weather. I head off on a good firm pace of about 5k-6km per hour and up this pace midway to about 8km per hour. On a good day we do 3.6km in 25-27 mins one way.
  • Have a healthy but pleasing meal after the first 30 min. For me this is breakfast. I have a Salmon Omelette with a long black (americano) or two. My wife has poached eggs with roasted tomatoes on a slice of toasted pumpkin bread. We chat about things, people and places. We relax away from work.
  • 20 – 30 minutes later head back to the car at a good pace. Sometimes not as fast, because if we have a doozy in the first half that was fast, we really feel the shins and glute’s after the meal rest. We make it about 30 mins on the return journey.

I call this “hunting my food down” – simulating the action of having to go into the bush (or sea) and hunt down my food and enjoy the reward. By the time i am back at the car in 90 mins, any blues i had or boredom from routine is lost. The coffee always fires me up and i am often very inspirational for next 3-4 hours. I do my best work and write my best posts after one of these walks!

Salmon, Mushrooms, Avocado and Eggs

Jogging for me is over rated and hurts more than it helps. So walking fast is a great option and very low impact. It is also perfect alternate exercise day to circuit weight training or HIT workouts, especially if i am sore.

My wife and i do this on holiday all the time. We plan our destination and tromp the pavements or beaches of whatever local town we are in, have breaky and hike back. We have also seen the best parts of cities around the world that we have visited. We covered more miles than many people and often saw things lots of people would miss. We also kept our shape while indulging a little on holiday. Walking can be enjoyable.

Try it. Give yourself time out occasionally from what your doing. Even more so if your busy. Nothing is so important that it can’t wait a few hours to recapture yourself for a good week ahead 🙂

Good eating!



About deanco

I run several businesses with my wife, who i love dearly. We commute around Australia and New Zealand for work. I enjoy design, wine, cooking, fitness, electronics.. and adore our 15 year old beagle.
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