Stay in Shape while Traveling?

So you don’t think you can stay in shape when you go on holiday or a business trip? That thinking is exactly what causes you to put on weight before you even start! Of course you can stay in shape, here’s how:


I headed for Auckland from Brisbane last week. Rather than taking food with me, i decided to make the effort to find suitable food from whatever shops i came across. I usually do this, but with less vigilance and i also tend to buckle to typically faster/easier food – like most people do. Having said that, i am not bad because I don’t eat wheat, and this cuts out a lot of fast food (including chips these days too). I used to go for Noodle Box or similar, which isn’t good on my type of diet but ok for the occasional rice-based meal. But I always felt bloated from it. So this trip i looked for better food choices. Airports are seriously bad for food. After going through security, i spotted the Coffee Club chain and knew that their menu had something. I asked the ladies at the counter, despite average english, to make me a Caesar Salad with no croutons and dressing on the side. I repeated it and made sure they understood – they seemed happy to oblige. I ate this with tiny amounts of dressing. The calorie count for this was aprox 445 and the chicken was a reasonable serving.


I continued this all week. That night we landed in Auckland, we popped out with friends and i had a large ribeye with oysters, veggies and a few wines. I avoided beer and the potato dish. But this dinner still came in at a very high 1500 calories or so. This is because of the size of the ribeye. However, i managed to stay on my maintenance level for the day. How do i know? I have become good at judging my food from learning about it. I am guessing i ended up about 3000 calories and it wasn’t exactly a restricted day of eating! The next morning i got up and my stomach was not bloated. This is a good sign for me. However, such large amounts of red meat paired with red wine make for a very un-restful sleep. The liver works overtime and of course you feel hotter than normal in bed. Well, my wife and i both notice this. The key is to keep your red meat to moderate amounts and vary the days you have it.

Throughout the week, i visited some regulars during working hours too. Yum Char was a stomach bloater but i do love it.  Key with this? Always avoid deep-fried. Our favourite Raven & Cook Cafe in Greenwoods Corner, Auckland do a “to die for” Corn Beef Hash breaky. Dishes like this can push the scales up if you’re not careful. This one is low carb using a little potato, but mostly beef, eggs and grain mustard sauce with red cabbage. (See the first image at the top of this post) Then i had another big meat night out 4 days later with Lamb Shoulder, veggies and red wine. This time, only one glass! Ok so i did another dozen Oysters, but OMG!! I am an oyster nut and i can honestly say that Bluff oysters from New Zealand kill anything i have ever had anywhere else in the world. They were remarkable and worth every penny.IMG_1570

In between all these amazing meals, i did calm myself many times and stuck to some very simple soups, BBQ chicken with veggies and a number of omelettes. When you’re away the temptation to throw caution to the wind is high. But always remember, you can still go out and eat nice yummy food if you do two things – don’t eat cheaply and don’t overdo it. During this time, i still went for my hour walks… even in the rain; freezing as it was! And i visited the gym twice in that week as well – i completed a couple of SIT workouts that i do. SIT – Speed Interval Training. Some call it HIIT too, which is High Intensity Interval Training. See my previous post for SIT ideas.

Whatever the case, don’t compromise your lifestyle of feeling and looking good just because you travel. Even with hotels in the cities i visit around the world (for work or pleasure) i always make sure i book in with those that have good gyms and decent cafes nearby who are known for down-to-earth food. An hour or two in planning means your holiday or work trip won’t mess with your lifestyle balance.

Good eating!



About deanco

I run several businesses with my wife, who i love dearly. We commute around Australia and New Zealand for work. I enjoy design, wine, cooking, fitness, electronics.. and adore our 15 year old beagle.
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4 Responses to Stay in Shape while Traveling?

  1. Helena Krznaric says:

    Another well written, honest and informative post 😀 thanks!!

  2. deanco says:

    Thanks Helena 🙂

  3. I really enjoyed the post…..interesting tidbit about the sleeping and the red meat….I never knew that it would interfere with sleep.

  4. deanco says:

    Thanks. Well everyone is different when it comes to how food reacts to them. A few of my friends also noticed they had a restless night after some big Ribeye’s with Red Wine so i am assuming the liver is working overtime, i am not sure.

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