Fast Workouts + Good Food = Sustainable Weight-loss!

This week i will show you inside a few of my fast weight-loss workouts and what you can do to vary these in the gym or at home. I’ll show you one routine with weights and one without.

A quick update – for those following my progress with this exercise and diet program called the World’s Best Weight-loss Diet, i weighed-in the week prior at 95.8kg down from 96.4kg. And the week just gone for my final weigh in day, i was 94.4kg!! My goal was 94 kg – down from over 100 kg.  Sandy (my wife) is finishing hers tomorrow and she looks on track to have lost about 4kg. Down from 65kg to 61kg. Good success for both and without feeling deprived or bored!

Not only did we have Beef Ribs on the weber BBQ last week but we went out on a night of Japanese food with friends and i consumed a relatively large amount of Sake. Just goes to show, if you avoid the heavy carbs, there is room for occasional treats such as wine or beer on high calorie cycle days. Just don’t over do it.


With this program i averaged aprox 2315 calories for 14 days from Sat 4th May to Fri 17th. I cycled my days quite hard too. I was often down at 1700 and occasionally at 3600. I even managed a 1300 on one day and then a 4000 the next! Like i said before, cyclic calorie intake stimulates weight-loss and this is down to the body dumping glucose stores and burning fat instead. If i can lose 5-6kg in 6 weeks like this, anyone can do it.

Fast weight-loss workouts

Just to bring some context to the program i just finished in 6 weeks; I walked 1 hour every other day and did 30 minute fast intense gym workouts on the days between these walks. Here is a peek at a couple of the workouts we do.

Note: While you need to be conscious of not hurting yourself or doing things wrong, there is no serious focus on form with these routines; just how quickly you do them and keeping the body deprived of oxygen. My wife and i do this as quickly as we can. Sometimes we are little slow getting to things because of other people in the gym or we need to stop for 5 and carry on depending on how hard the exercise is. We simply speed up and reduce the rest periods till we are breathing very hard by the end of each round. I can’t really hold a chat and nor do i try to if someone says something to me. I also need to sit, or bend over for at least 30 seconds before i can move on to the next exercise round. Pretty much no rest between exercise sets but the time/distance it takes to walk to and from each for the full 4 sets or exercises. When using weights, we start at 40-50% of maximum weight for that exercise and increment each set till we are almost at failure on the last set. It might take a few workouts to get this about right.

5 round super-set weight routine with added floor exercises:

  • 10 min Lifecyle Bike level 9 (my wife does level 6), at 70 rpm for 90 secs and sprint for 30 sec at 90rpm, 5 times. Full sprint last 10 secs to about 135-150rpm.
  • Dumbell press super-setted with close grip smith-machine bench press – 4 sets of 15 reps each. Up the weight for at least two sets of the 4 if not all 4.
  • Tricep pushdown super-setted with overhead tricep extensions using an EZ curl bar – 4 sets of 15. Up the weight on all pushdowns and only half the extensions.
  • Burpies – 4 sets of 10 – full chest on floor and star jump in-between each.
  • Jump lunges – 4 sets of 20 reps – 10 each side back and forth with knee almost to floor.

With using weights in these i try to stay to mostly upper body one day and then introduce  more lower body exercises the next, which is 2 days later after a fast walk day. I might substitute the bench sets with squat and hammer curls supersets after the bike instead and also add in a back superset of lat pulldowns with cable rows. Don’t get too worried about this, but choose according to what you did last and do them well. This is all-over body training, done at speed with moderate weight.

The next routine takes a bit longer for each exercise and we do more reps with no weight. So this tends to be more taxing too since the cadence rate is often a bit faster and not having weights in your hands speeds things up.

5 round super-set floor exercise routine only: 

  • 10 min Lifecyle Bike level 9 (my wife does level 6), at 70 rpm for 90 secs and sprint for 30 sec at 90rpm, 5 times. Full sprint last 10 secs to about 135-150rpm.
  • Kettle bell squat/swings – 4 sets of 20 reps super-setted with 4 sets of 15 alternating side to side press-ups.
  • Mountain climbers – 4 sets of 30, super-setted with 4 sets of 15 sec planks. One mountain climb is two steps.
  • Medicine ball laying thrusts (lay on your back and throw the ball up from your chest) – 4 set of 20 reps super-setted with 4 sets of 15 laying flat leg raises. I use 10kg, Sandy uses 6kg.
  • Jump lunges – 4 sets of 20 reps – 10 each side back & forth with knee almost to floor.

During my workouts, if i don’t think i am working hard enough i continue to put up the weight on both exercises in that round and or speed up the reps. Some days i put up the weight on one exercise and stay moderate on the other exercise for two sets because i might find it harder. It all depends on how you feel. With the weight i have been losing, i do feel my stamina a little drained. The key is to keep moving and keep the rest to a maximum of 15 secs between the sets and 30 seconds between the super-set round.

These are only half hour workouts and so the intensity is much much higher than normal and this is the key to all this – i gauge my progress on my ability to recover enough for each exercise. I do not go easy on myself and those who work out with me, tend to suffer with me too. There is no easy way to put it. There is no room for slackers with this or you simply don’t achieve the results. However, everyone’s speed and ability will vary. Just so long as you push yourself to oxygen debt in each round, you’re good.

When you start out with these go easy for a few times and then speed it up after a week or two. But don’t get yourself thinking you can take it easy, because that talk in your head?.. it gets you nowhere fast!

Good eating!




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I run several businesses with my wife, who i love dearly. We commute around Australia and New Zealand for work. I enjoy design, wine, cooking, fitness, electronics.. and adore our 15 year old beagle.
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