Green Bean Bolognese – Magnifico!

Eating well doesn’t have to be complicated, restrictive or boring. Here’s a great simple idea for those, who like me, are wheat allergic or want to avoid heavy carbs at night. Awesome flavour, fast to cook and very satisfying!

Image 2

The recipe can vary according to to what you have available and like. I used these things because i had them in the fridge. This kind of meets the Primal Diet guidelines. Green beans are nutritionally ok as they are straight from the vine. It’s the dried beans in the legume family i try to avoid. It is not really Paleo because beans are technically legumes and Paleo is a little stricter on this idea. However, it’s a guide and the beans can be substituted for finely sliced zucchinis or carrots and easily made suitable for any dietary plan. Here’s the run down on what’s in the sauce and how to whip this up…

I used a can of Roma tomatoes and 100 grams of paste. I plonked those in the frying pan first because i cooked a lower fat version for my wife by not using oil – dry frying the lean meat is hard work. I threw in three large chopped spring onions while the tomato was heating up and poured in about 50ml of chardonnay. It’s here where you can use a knob of butter if you like. Then i threw in 450 grams of very lean organic mince. I used the spatular to break it up until i got the meat sauce look. Nothing flash going on here. The tomato paste helps thicken this well because there is a fair amount of moisture and very little fat. Then i added about a level tablespoon of Massel Beef Stock (which is all veggie based) and about 20ml of wheat free Tamari with a fair amount of dried oregano as seasoning. No salt. There you have it. About 20 mins of simmering later and the bolognese was done.


I then microwaved (or you can steam them) about 350 grams of green beans in a tray with some more Massel Beef Stock sprinkled over them as seasoning. About 2-3mins. I let those sit for a bit before i spread them out and spooned the sauce in-between a few mounds of these. I split the above mixture and beans evenly between my myself and my wife.  I dressed my wife’s version with fresh rocket and fresh tomato segments. Her version ended up at aprox 500 calories.

Image 3

I then made myself a higher calorie (720) version using a few extra ingredients. I chopped up about 65 grams of chorizo and sprinkled that around before mounding the sauce over the beans. I also drizzled some olive oil around mine. Now my program was over, i was enjoying some increased calorie meals to maintain my weight. This worked perfectly inside my daily intake.

I will be posting the results of my weight-loss program very shortly for those of you who are keen to hear about my findings on this 6 week program for a loss of 6 kilos. Stay tuned.

Good eating!



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I run several businesses with my wife, who i love dearly. We commute around Australia and New Zealand for work. I enjoy design, wine, cooking, fitness, electronics.. and adore our 15 year old beagle.
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