Red Meat and Orange Sunsets

Lamb rack in the middle of the day? Why not!? My fridge was limited with two dying zucchini’s and some tomatoes that weren’t that ripe for any other use. The freezer was also holding a lonely looking lamb rack. I had a plan.


I had a few projects on the go today with work but that didn’t deter me from embarking on a decent lunch at home. My wife had been following my program with food for leaning up and was not quite happy with her results.

IMG_1421So i looked at her breakdown and worked out she had a few too many carbs going on. So, with that in mind i multi-tasked myself into cooking her a feast while we both worked. I had looked at the day earlier as we had been expecting cloud and some rain, but the sun was out in full force. Winter is coming on down-under that’s true, but the days here on the Gold Coast are so sunny and dry. There are few things nicer in life than good hearty food with great company under a gorgeous sunset.


Set the coals, wait. Defrost some lamb rack and wait. It couldn’t be easier!

The tomatoes were cut in half, sprinkled with a little Massel chicken stock and drizzled with a little balsamic. They sat for a while with the zucchinis that had been mildly salted on the cut sides while i worked. When the coals were ready, i placed some wet wood chips and then the rack fat side down first. Once she starts to smoke from melting fat, flip her and cook bone down. Keep the rib fronds out and away from the coals or they tend to brittle up and break. Veggies were placed about half way through the rack cooking time.

I decided that if i left the coals tinkering away after cooking lunch i could then re-ignite them with another load on top for an early sunset dinner. We had been eating chicken and turkey all week so we were due for a change. While i was in the freezer earlier i spotted two rib-eyes hiding in the frost… my plans were coming together well.


The rib-eyes, just like the lamb, were very simply soaked in about 20-30ml of Spiral wheat free Tamari soy sauce. Incisions in the meat were made so the Tamari could soak into the meat for about an hour. I have talked about the use of Tamari before; this stuff is magic on any meat – unlike any other soy sauce which is often over powering and distinct. I use Tamari all the time. Combined with wood smoked direct heat cooking, it’s hard to beat the flavour.

IMG_1526Only thing left was a nice dish of fresh vegetables to accompany the meat. I had some left over bits from making yesterday’s soup which were perfect. Plus i love using up scraps from the fridge, it feels very virtuous not to waste any food. Needless to say, these were steam fried with a little Massel stock again. No salt. The veggies speak for themselves.


Good eating!



About deanco

I run several businesses with my wife, who i love dearly. We commute around Australia and New Zealand for work. I enjoy design, wine, cooking, fitness, electronics.. and adore our 15 year old beagle.
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4 Responses to Red Meat and Orange Sunsets

  1. Helena Krznaric says:

    Yummmm!!!!!!!! the house smelled so amazing even hours after 😀

  2. deanco says:

    I’ll do a meat night for you both soon when your up for it 🙂 xx

  3. Shara says:

    Great blog…great Idea . That meal sounds yummy .
    Am enjoying what you are writing. I agree totally with your post about Sustainable weight loss and health
    Shara (Marcias’s big sister

  4. deanco says:

    Thanks Shara! How nice to hear from you 🙂

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