The Worlds Best Weight-loss Diet – Part Three

Losing weight isn’t as hard as you think. Bold statement you say? Read on my friends…

Just to recap quickly for first time readers. I’m on a trial mission to see if I can lose weight doing less exercise than normal, from my normal condition of around 100 kg (about 220 lb) to 94 kg in about 6 weeks. I am using some simple calorie tracking tools while still eating what I enjoy and not being hungry. All in aid of finding out why people have so many problems with weight-loss by making myself a guinea pig. Read on for my latest results!


For my week 3 weigh-in last Friday I was 97.3 kg which is down about 1/2 kilo from the week prior. While that was ok for a week I felt I needed to make larger variations in my daily calories to stimulate better weight-loss. It’s common knowledge that diets can plateau if calorie intake is too steady, so I decided to work my 2550 daily calorie limit down as far as I could for a day or two without feeling deprived and then boom! .. wack in a very high calorie day. This worked well. Below are my last few weeks broken down for you to see how I did this. I was amazed how well I coped – still managing fast, hard, reduced length workouts of about 30-35 minutes and continuing with my walks every other day. So following on from Day 11 here are my figures to day 28, being 4 weeks in total:

  • Wed 17th Apr 2707 – Tried oats and yoghurt for breaky, friends place for dinner
  • Thur 18th 2033 – Back on track, Sushi for dinner with a beer
  • Fri 19th 2499 – Weigh-in at 97.3 KG – BBQ that night – Kangaroo meat 
  • Sat 20th 2415 – Curry night, i stuck to dry chicken meat, Tikka & Masala, no rice
  • Sun 21st 2209 – Tapas night at home, Lentils, Chorizo & Chicken. Recipe here:
  • Mon 22nd 1859 – Baked Eggs night with beetroot and kidney beans, low we go
  • Tues 23rd 3850 – BBQ blowout at home with visitors – Ribeye and sausages!
  • Wed 24th 2334 – Japanese takeout – they do me a special GF Salmon with Rice
  • Thur 25th 2662 – ANZAC night out with wifey and her girlfriend at The Wine Barrel
  • Fri 26th 2056 – Brown rice experimental chicken & mush risotto – didn’t love it
  • Sat 27th 4180 – Brisbane dining with Wifey – many beers & five star Esquire food!
  • Sun 28th 2394 – 8km hungover walk thru city, awesome breaky at The Chelsea
  • Mon 29th 2103 – back on track, Japanese GF Salmon special
  • Tues 30th 2180 – Tapa night, kept it lower calories – omitted Chorizo
  • Wed 1st May 2338 – Japanese night out, mild intake.. walked to restaurant & back
  • Thurs 2nd 1706 – Wow, low day, survived it with Awesome Chicken Omelette
  • Fri 3rd 3341 – Weigh-in at 96.4 KG!! Partied with wifey, Ribs and Steak 🙂

IMG_1451I averaged 2537 calories over 17 days. Amazing huh? Well i think so …. and to top it off, the weight loss is working. Albeit slightly slower than i might hope, i am not exactly doing it hard here with this diet. Since the weigh-in i decided to re-set my daily calorie goal based on my new weight. My target is now 2500, down 50 calories a day. This drops my maintenance level to about 3150. Remember, if you hit your maintenance, you’re not going backwards so don’t worry, get back on the horse! If your not doing so yet, use a calorie calculator to track your intake so you’re more ware of what your eating. This really helps to focus and enjoy the process while learning about the break down of the foods you consume. If you guess, you simply can’t be sure and likely to miss your goal.

Why does varying calorie intake radically like this stimulate weight-loss? Well assuming you’re averaging an aprox weight-loss daily target on a weekly basis, your body is simply doing what it was designed to do. Starve a bit, then feed, starve a bit then feed. Back in the old days, we didn’t get consistent food and our bodies would change their chemistry to cater to these starvation periods by dumping all the glucose first and turning to fat for fuel. That’s what this cycle behaviour does, assuming you don’t over do your carbs. It’s also thought that during long starvation periods our brain neurons increased in production to make us more capable of thinking ourselves out of the starvation pickle! Quite incredible how our bodies work. If you like knowing more about this body stuff you can watch a BBC documentary here that is quite amazing!

IMG_1407So what changes am i noticing with my body? Well i wish i had taken before and after shots. But then again while typing this, i am glad i don’t have to bare myself to you all! First off, the shape from my deltoids to my biceps is more noticeable and by people i know. I feel my arms are skinny, but i don’t seem to have any problem with similar weights working out. Also, my side rib area from my obliques to my intercostals are showing up. Haven’t seen those suckers for a while. Tummy? Still there but like half the size it was. Legs?.. looking more cut but not much smaller. Shorts slipping, jeans slipping but my T-Shirts till fit well around shoulders. This is interesting to say the least.

So not to bore you anymore on this, i will end it here and update you all again sooner next time as i only have two weeks left to reach my goal of 94Kg. I may have to extend the time i am taking but i am looking good to get very close.

Watch out for some more of my fast, easy food ideas coming up this later this week.

Good eating!



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I run several businesses with my wife, who i love dearly. We commute around Australia and New Zealand for work. I enjoy design, wine, cooking, fitness, electronics.. and adore our 15 year old beagle.
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