Awesome Chicken & Asparagus Omelette!

Don’t feel like doing too much for dinner? Heres an easy one for you that you can cook in your sleep!


Three large eggs beaten with about 50ml of milk, 80 grams of cold roast chicken breast torn into bits, half an onion pan fried in 10ml of oil and 1/4 tin of asparagus to dress it. I threw some rosemary in early on with the onion before i added the chicken seasoned with a little salt and pepper. Pour in the egg mix, let it cook for a few minutes till you see some firming of the bottom and a little steam, then throw under the grill for 5-10. Simple, fast and bloody nice!

At 480 calories for this omelette i could afford a toasted piece of light spelt bread and joined it with 150ml of chardonnay to come in well under my daily target. All up, 660 calories for dinner. There is about 50 grams of protein in this sucker and about 28 odd grams of fat. If you keep your carbs low, its a great meal and you won’t feel hungry for hours.

Smaller girls version?

I made a two egg version for my wife. I did this with about 40 grams chicken, 1/2 and onion and a diced mushroom and topped with sliced tomato. Seasoned with pepper on the tomato at the end. At 308 calories she was able to add in a 150ml glass of chardonnay also and ended up just over 400 calories for dinner.

Don’t make eating hard, get experimental with omelettes. Try variations of these, but keep to using veggies and avoid potato or any heavy carbs with these. Get that grill on early too so you don’t waste time!

Good eating!



About deanco

I run several businesses with my wife, who i love dearly. We commute around Australia and New Zealand for work. I enjoy design, wine, cooking, fitness, electronics.. and adore our 15 year old beagle.
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